“Hello world”

That is the first message that pops up when creating a new site.

Very appropriate to a new chapter physically and emotionally. Putting yourself out there is a scary concept to a writer. – Would the world accept op reject the love and effort you managed to put on the pages of a story…your story? –

Once again I am putting pen to paper…digitally of course. (note to self…buy that keyboard that looks like a typewriter)

This, my first blog is to introduce my first; The one to start it all.

Visit the ‘Origins’ page, introducing the beginning of T.O.K (The Orphan King,) read and help me name it.

Being a beginning in several ways, you will also discover that it is not only of beginnings but also of ends, rebirth and reincarnation.

What is in a name? That is what I titled this blog in place of ‘a beginning,’ in anticipation of not naming my first chapter the same as my blog (See no evil emoji)

Here are my favourites:

A New Beginning



As it ends

Thank you for lending me your eyes

Tell me what you think.

Andre Alexander

2 thoughts on “What is in a name

  1. Deidre Strydom

    New beginnings

  2. Hannetjie Peens


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