The Mystery Of Lancelot Kingdom

The medieval world had survived most, two lifetimes had thrown at it the wrath of the gods, when the air turned to ash, the earth divided and the rivers ran red. On one continent three distinctly different ways of life evolved at three vastly different paces. The Mystery of Lancelot Kingdom is the first novel in a medieval fantasy novel series, set in the world of T.O.K; The Prophecy of the Orphan King. A world where Pagans and Christians clash, supernatural abilities aids human natures thirst for power. A world where prejudice is rife, civil wars and land disputes are ongoing, and many long for the peace that might come upon the return of The One Rightful King prophesied long ago. This chapter of the saga holds its own as a standalone book, that follows Princess Juliet of Jewel kingdom and her pagan stepsister on a treacherous journey, through the ungoverned borderlands, to the neighbouring kingdom of Lancelot. Princess Juliet is set to be wed in a union that will fortify two of the three Kingdoms. A union opposed by the third Kingdom, Clorestica, ruled in tyranny by The Temptress. Their travels take them on a tale of mystery, treachery, and dealings with unsavoury characters. After a series of supernatural occurrences, odd alliances, a strange inscription and not knowing who to trust; they seek the help of the Maester from the Capital City of Colemunster, the reincarnated seer who prophesied the rise of the one orphan king to rule it all. Can they overcome their fears, trust their paranormal abilities, uncover decades of secrets and grab hold of destiny? Read and find out!

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